Dream symbols often vary from dream to dream and from dreamer to dreamer. This makes it difficult to try to interpret your dream from a symbol book purchased in a bookstore. A skilled dream interpreter will interpret symbols based on the context of the dream and the dreamer. For example, a cat in a dream can stand for an independent spirit. However, to a dreamer who loves cats, a cat can symbolize something deeply loved. Our dream interpreters are trained to enter into the dream with the dreamer and correctly identify the symbols inside the context of the whole dream.

People in dreams are often the hardest element to interpret. Does dreaming about “your ex lover” really mean you are still in love with your ex lover or does he/she represent something else? It takes a skilled dream interpreter many hours of training and practice to be able to correctly identify the meaning of a particular person in a dream. Often emotion will cloud the dreamer’s ability to correctly assess the meaning. A good place to start is to ask yourself what the person in the dream meant to you in real life.  Maybe the dream is using your “ex lover” as a way to represent certain characteristics of a person rather than the person itself.

Dreamers can learn to identify and develop their own personal dream language. Begin by writing down a list of recurring symbols in your dreams. Next to each element, write down what you think it stands for. For example, next to “my house”, you might write my personal space or me. Next time you have a dream with the element “my house” in it, go back to your list and try to refine your meaning. For example, this time “my house” seemed to stand for my family. If you take the time to do this, over time you will see patterns of elements and meanings emerge. This list will help identify your personal dream language and can help you interpret your own dreams.

Have fun dreaming!