Dream Categories

We have listed 5 different categories of dreams with many different subcategories under each.

Revelatory - This category speaks of things to come in a form of revelation and prophecy. It may involve words of knowledge about a condition or situation you or a friend may be in.

Directional - It is as its name implies, directional in nature, specifically for the dreamer. It may make you aware of conditions or blind spots in your life.  This would also include warnings of danger in choices made or show calling in one’s life. This category also includes inventions and ideas that God may be communicating to you.

Cleansing - This type of dream is the Spirit's way of cleansing you from negative things you have been exposed to, visually, chemical or spiritually. A  dreamer can receive deliverance and healing through this type of dream.

Spiritual Warfare - Dreams can be a spiritual battleground, things conquered in dreams often are conquered in life. These battling dreams can also mean you're interceding for yourself or others.

Dark dreams- Are false dreams coming from negative spiritual forces. False dreams or sometimes nightmares usually come in black and white or sepia coloring. These dreams are meant to intimidate you or bring fear into your life.