Common Dreams

We have listed some of the most common types of dreams we encounter. The dreams are usually about the person dreaming the dream even if it involves other people. The interpretation depends on the context and interaction with other symbols so an attempt to apply a symbol unilaterally may result in an inaccurate interpretation. The inspiration of God’s Spirit is necessary for a correct interpretation.

Dreams in public: Its manifestation will be seen by others by the extent reveled. DREAMS OF BEING NAKED: Can be an indication that the person is becoming vulnerable and transparent or may be in the near future.
SHOWER DREAMS: God is doing a cleansing work in the person’s life.
TOILET DREAMS: Inner cleansing is taking place in a  particular area of the dreamer’s life.
DREAMS OF BEING CHASED: Being pursued by someone or a spiritual presence to cause fear. This could also mean the dreamer is running from God.
DREAMS OF FALLING: Some part of the person's life is out of control, or the person is losing control and is growing anxious.
SCHOOL DREAMS: Time of training is about to or has begun.
BACK IN SCHOOL: Something needs to be relearned or was missed in the past.
TAKING A TEST: The opportunity for promotion is present but you must pass the test.
Repetitive Test: You are locked in a cycle that must be broken to advance.
DREAMS OF SPIDERS: Dreamer is involved or subject to a negative, often controlling presence, that may have paralyzed them by spoken words or deeds.
DREAMS OF SNAKES: Bitten: Lies, accusations or distortions have pursuing or bitten them.
RATTLE SNAKE: a warning of above type of attack.
PYTHON: The attack is squeezing the life out of them.
Baby or Small Snake: Little lies or seeming harmless attacks that may in fact be more deadly
DREAMS OF ALLIGATORS: Large mouth vicious attack such as gossip or slander
TEETH FALLING OUT OR LOOSE TEETH: Loss or losing authority.
EYE TEETH ARE FALLING OUT: Losing the ability to recognize important elements in the person's life.
WISDOM TEETH ARE FALLING OUT: Losing wisdom or understanding.
DREAMS OF LOSING YOUR PURSE/WALLET: Communicating that the dreamer has lost or is looking for his or her purpose, identity.
HOUSE DREAMS:  Has often to do with issues of the dreamers life either past or present but could also be about their family or church/temple. Different room may mean dealing in different areas such as bedrooms for intimacy, bathrooms for cleansing etc.
DREAMS OF A DECEASED RELATIVE: Frequently a grandmother or grandfather generally refers to generational issues but depends on the context.
DREAMS OF DYING: This often speaks of an career or cycle coming to an end.
NIGHTMARES: Common with children, these are caused by spiritual enemies for the purposes of intimidation and fear. This is done to close off especially spiritually sensitive people to God speaking to them threw dreams.
RETURNING TO A PAST RELATIONSHIP: The dreamer is falling into old habits and ways of thinking.
VEHICLE DREAMS: Speaks of your current or future purpose in life.
FLYING DREAMS: Speaks of God equipping a person to move in the spirit realm and rise above problems.
HORSE DREAMS: Represent power and authority and the color defines what kind of power or authority.
DOG DREAMS: Usually represent friendship and loyalty and can represent the Holly Spirit. Growling one may represent a friend that might turn on you. Wild dog or wolves can represent the demonic relm.