Dreams visions and visitations

We are an eclectic circle of people who believe that the world is more than just what meets the eye. We see a spiritual  realm that intersects life as we physically see it and believed direction and incites comes from that realm. We are dreamers who have searched all the current dream interpretation styles and found their interpretations styles to be flat, lifeless and self-serving. We believe that life is more than just simplistic gratifications. In our searches we have settled on the ancient Hebraic method of analyzes dreams as the one best suited. It drawing both from earthly & spiritual context. We travel to spiritual gatherings from holistic fairs to burning man to give spiritual readings, healing touches, spiritual cleansings, healings & dream interpretations. Our hope is to make you aware of these realms and to help you find  healing and equipping so that you may learn and grown becoming more enlightened.